Meet the Staff

At Happy Hearts Academy we adopt a tested and holistic curriculum. From spelling and reading, to public speaking and singing, we take a hands on approach to develop each student. You won't find TVs or computers here. Instead, we instill curiosity and strong interpersonal skills for every child.

Learn more about our staff and see how your child can benefit from attending Happy Hearts Academy.


Miss Rupa

Miss Rupa is the founder and director of Happy Hearts Academy. With over 20 years of experience, Miss Rupa has worked in virtually every facet of childcare. Her goal is to foster new skills and develop new interests in your child through a loving, nurturing curriculum. Miss Rupa firmly believes quality childcare should be affordable and available to all. 


miss Rekha 

Miss Rekha has been part of Happy Hearts academy since 2011 and has over 10 years of experience. She holds a Bachelor's in Education and a Masters in Economics. Miss Rekha will bring the best out of your child and help them work above their grade level. Parents describe Miss Rekha as extremely loving, patient, and hard working. 


miss Kristin

Miss Kristin has been working in education for nine years and holds a Bachelor's in Child Development. Her gentle, playful nature helps children quickly feel at home and eager to come to Happy Hearts every day.