This is the best school my kids have gone to!

Miss Rupa and Miss Rekha are so loving that my kids have never cried going to school and feel so loved there.I also have never worried for them when they are there as i know the teachers there take best care of them and love them like their own kids.

The kids also learned a lot there (learning not just their number ,letters but also other imp things in life like friendship, discipline, respect)

All the other parents I have met in the school also are very happy with the school and have been sending their 2nd kid too there which speaks volumes about the trust they have in the school.

This school is a great for someone looking for a loving as well as a well rounded learning place for the kid.  Highly recommended.


- Priti D.

Happy Hearts Academy is a wonderful place to be! From the moment you enter the school you feel the warmth from the teachers.

All the teachers welcome our son with a smiling face and a hug or high five every day! They take care of his every need and go the extra mile. For example, they will make sure to put on his hat when he goes outside to play to making sure he finishes all his veggies and fruits for lunch. Our son loves Happy Hearts and even asks to go on the weekend!

We are glad we found this little gem of a school. If you are looking for something with the security and warmth of a home based program but the structure and fun of a preschool this is the place to be! We looked at a LOT of schools before we decided to go with Happy Hearts Academy and we were so excited when we found it because we knew this was THE SCHOOL for our child when we entered.

Our son have shown so much progress by going to Happy Hearts, not just speech wise but also with singing, following directions, and doing art projects. He is two years old and they are teaching him the alphabet, color, shapes, days of the week, the months, and the list goes on! We can't say enough great things and will be sending our younger child here also. 

- Falguni

When Miss Rupa started Happy Hearts Academy we had the opportunity to go to the opening ceremony. We had no second thoughts that when we would have our second child there will be no other place but Happy Hearts Academy for the child to start. Our second princess arrived a couple of years later.

And right after she turned 2 in 2013, we enrolled her in Happy Hearts Academy. It was a wonderful experience -- great teachers, took care of our little one; she was happy at the school and had a good learning experience.

Our older daughter also went back there during holiday breaks. Our younger one graduated this year and is now in Kindergarten.

 I'd definitely recommend Happy Hearts Academy to anyone considering a great preschool for their child.

Our sincere thanks to Happy Hearts Academy and the wonderful teachers.

- Jawahar